Virtualtech Website Design and Promotion

Virtualtech Website Design and Promotion

Appleton, Wisconsin, US

Virtualtech offers website design company, mobile / responsive websites, SEO, Email marketing and Social Media marketing - Fox Cities, Fox Valley, Appleton, Manitowoc, Two Rivers, Stevens Point.


Every day, your customers are using the Web to find information about your products and services. To ensure you capture their business, you not only need a website, but you also need it to be ranked highly on search engines and Internet directories.

When Tammy Schultz founded Virtualtech way back in 1997, back in the days of the Web's infancy, she focused on one thing, and one thing only... to provide her clients with a Web presence which would generate tangible results for her clients.

Tammy understood that the key to success on the Web was not going to be achieved by fancy programming, or entertaining site visitors with flashy animations, multimedia, and games. While sites like that are all great fun (and they do have their place), by themselves they don't necessarily do a thing to increase your bottom line.

Utilizing her marketing background, Tammy set out to create and market websites which teamed with traditional forms of marketing to do what your marketing dollars are supposed to do... generate sales!

Fast forward to today... while Virtualtech has grown and evolved, our mission has not changed.


Virtualtech Website Design and Promotion provides website design, Internet marketing (SEO) services, email marketing solutions, and social marketing. Located in Appleton, Wisconsin, most of our clients are located in northeast Wisconsin, including the Fox Cities (Appleton, Neenah), and Manitowoc, Wisconsin.


"Wow! Once again I am amazed by your customer service -- this time long after business hours. My day job is in IT, and I'd be a lucky man if more companies in our industry had your level of commitment to their clients. Thanks so much! In case you didn't know this yet, I'm a huge fan of your company. Let me know if I can be a reference for you at some point."
~ Luke Beschta, Tile Roof Specialists

"THANK YOU for meeting w/ me today. You answered all my questions and I felt good about our discussion. I will be looking at some of my budget items on Friday but I am feeling pretty confident that I will go w/ VT. I’ll be in touch. Kudos to Drew & Connie as well - you’ve got a pleasant "customer - friendly" staff."
~ Joel K. Jarvis, Mt. Morris Camp & Conference Center

"Yes! This is exactly what I was thinking! You are absolutely the best! It was nice to watch the pictures change on top and then see the fireplaces... it was awesome! Loved the wording too. You are totally gifted!"
~ Tracy Kunstman, Heritage Heating & Cooling, Inc.

"Ok this all makes wonderful sense, I am so glad that you're able to talk in "dum dum" speak to us who don't really GET the behind the scenes stuff for the web sites. You realize you are the only web designer I have worked with that has done this? Watching, researching, tweaking, changing, and then describing the whole process in a way that is understandable? Seriously girl. Kudos!"
~ Kim Hansen, Fractalicious


(920) 954-1923

1818 East Wisconsin Ave.
Appleton, Wisconsin 54911

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