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E-Commerce Developer [HTML > PSD websites, email marketing, programming shopping cart functionality, Site Security implementations]

I can assist in the development of an online store or website. To see my work visit In partnership with Graphic Designers and Marketing Consultants.



Shopping Cart site development

As the Lead Programmer for this online pharmaceutical retailer I was assigned tasks to fulfill in the programming of their website. The work was done through the programming company I was employed at Outdash Development. My tasks included –

- Programming the retrieval and display of products from the database and the coding of HTML displays of information on site.

- Design and development of additional websites for specific product and general information. These were HTML CSS designs and used a CMS system I programmed to manage data.

- I worked with third party software providers to provide solutions for usage tracking and marketing analysis, online security solutions to prevent malware and hacking and identity verification systems. The programs such as Omniture Web Analytics were implemented with JavaScript tags and remote database feeds using XML.

I developed this website to help an antiques Reseller resell items through with auction software as eBay had discriminatory policies against the resale of ivory. I designed the side and developed the product slideshow (see the coding sample here).

A work in progress for developing a site for an online retailer of pendants and jewelry. I customized the shopping cart system from to the merchants website.

Website Displays I worked on – – Website for New laser dentistry. Includes Google Maps API. – A 1 month consulting contract to develop rollover features, text changes and javascript effects for this technical services provider. – One week assignment to develop this website using detailed PhotoShop template.


AntiqueSpider | 24 West 55th Street NY NY 100019

Tel: 212-581-4848 | Email:

June 24, 2009

Regarding: Martin Weinberger

To Whom It May Concern:

We developed a concept for an auction website

We met Martin Weinberger from an advertisement we placed on Craigslist.

We commissioned him for a 5 month full time project that he started in January, 2009.

Under his absolutely wonderful web development skills we accomplished all our goals of a full-featured and robust website. Our project would not have made it off the ground with out his expertise and capabilities.

Furthermore, any ideas that we could dream of, placed in Mr. Weinberger’s hands were all completed and materialized in a timely manor.

He was able to tackle complex development issues with a creative approach and worked under demanding and stressful deadlines, always with a positive attitude.

In conclusion, Mr. Weinberger was an asset to our company and we can not say enough positive things about him in one short letter.

Rather, if you any questions or specific concerns do not hesitate to contact my father David Antebi or myself regarding Mr. Weinberger’s employment with us.

Best regards,


Mark Antebi


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