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What Are Environment Variables & How Can I Use Them? [Windows]

Every now and then I'll learn a little tip that makes me think "well, if I known that a year ago then it'd have saved me hours of time". I vividly remember learning how to use the copy and paste functions, all on my own, as a kid. It was like the ent

Tue, 05 Feb 2013 02:31:16 GMT |

Cool Websites and Tools [February 4th 2013]

Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool websites round-ups delivered to your email daily email subscribe here....


Tue, 05 Feb 2013 04:31:48 GMT |

Sought-After iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Is Finally Available [Updates]

The day iOS jailbreakers have longed for is finally here. That's right, iOS 6.1 is finally ready for a full, untethered jailbreak. Thanks to the new evasi0n jailbreak from the Evad3rs dev team, including PlanetBeing, pod2g, and MuscleNerd, iOS users c

Tue, 05 Feb 2013 11:00:58 GMT |

25 Typographic CD Cover Designs for your Inspiration

There is no denying the fact that nice tracks are the primary motivation behind buying a CD. However along with the songs, a good cover design is also a necessity. An attractive CD cover design implies a good presentation of the product that is put up for

Mon, 04 Feb 2013 08:03:59 GMT |

Why Online Pure Plays are Opening Physical Shops

At the end of 2012, the Get Elastic ecommerce analyst team made some predictions on what 2013 holds for tech and commerce. One prediction from our Ecommerce Industry Strategist, David Chiu, was “We’ll see more online pure plays establishing physical

Mon, 04 Feb 2013 08:04:50 GMT |

How To Add Programs To Your Startup On Windows Vista, 7 & 8

It recently came to my attention that there are people who are under the impression that to allow a program to run at startup, you'll need to either enable it in the included program's options or preferences or expect it to be shown on your System Co

Sun, 03 Feb 2013 02:31:05 GMT |

Cool Websites and Tools [February 2nd 2013]

Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool websites round-ups delivered to your email daily email subscribe here....


Sun, 03 Feb 2013 04:31:44 GMT |

INFOGRAPHIC: The Hottest Careers – A Spotlight On Tech

When I was little, I wanted to be a trash collector. Then a postman. Then I decide to up the ante and become an astronaut, while most of my classmates were more concerned about becoming soldiers, doctors and professional layabouts. But these days, wi

Sun, 03 Feb 2013 16:01:10 GMT |

What Do You Think Of Facebook’s New Graph Search? [MakeUseOf Poll]

Introduced two weeks ago, Facebook’s new Graph Search has by now reached many user profiles. If you’ve seen a notification about it and enabled it, you’ve noticed that the entire top bar of your Facebook homepage has changed, and now includes the optio

Sun, 03 Feb 2013 17:30:14 GMT |

How To Master Your Dream Potential With Dream:ON [iPhone]

Last week, I looked at apps that genuinely help you sleep better by waking up at a moment when you'll feel most refreshed. This week, I found an app that does all of that, and goes one step further - it actually claims to influence your dreams. Dream:

Sun, 03 Feb 2013 18:31:59 GMT |

10 Free MP3 Albums & 2 EPs – Music for the Soul [Sound Sunday]

Sound Sunday aims to please the soul. Every week ten or more artists are featured with their songs, EPs, and albums available for free. This edition is dedicated to rhythm and blues and soul music, a genre as diverse as music itself. If you enjoy this

Sun, 03 Feb 2013 20:31:43 GMT |

30 Impressive Film Logos For Inspiration

Logos of an enterprise represents a particular brand. Therefore, entrepreneurs take the help of the specialists for developing the logo. Logo designers are truly creative genius as they have to develop a logo that has some significance with the name as we

Sun, 03 Feb 2013 07:27:17 GMT |

Everything You Need to Know About Managing Chrome Bookmarks

Chrome has a number of features to help you sync, easily access, manage, sort, and tidy your bookmarks. Some people manage just fine without bookmarks, but not most of us. If you use the Chrome browser -- and bookmarks -- we'll help you make maximum u

Fri, 01 Feb 2013 21:00:31 GMT |

What Is Open Source Software? [MakeUseOf Explains]

"Open source" is a term that’s thrown around a lot these days. You may know that certain things are open source, like Linux and Android, but do you know what it entails? What is open source software? How can you tell if a program is open source? And, r

Fri, 01 Feb 2013 21:31:46 GMT |

How To Minimize The Cost of PC Upgrades

Just like a full desktop, a new PC build can be expensive. The best way to minimize the cost while focusing on the most suitable components is to upgrade your unit, rather than start from scratch. Various cost-saving options are open to anyone buildi

Fri, 01 Feb 2013 22:30:33 GMT |

Keeping Your Droid Safe And Secure With Advanced Mobile Care 2.0 [Android]

It’s a sad truth, but you do need an antivirus to securely use Android these days. Google Play is teeming with beautiful and interesting apps, but it also has its fair share of bad apples seeking to misuse your personal data, drain your battery life, o

Fri, 01 Feb 2013 23:30:31 GMT |

Mint.com On the iPad Makes It Easy To Track Your Spending

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to do better at budgeting your money and monitoring your personal finances, Mint.com is one of the best ways to meet these goals. This popular and well-established online and mobile service can help you keep tr

Sat, 02 Feb 2013 00:30:40 GMT |

Add Infinite Icons To Your iOS Dock With Infinidock [Cydia Tweak]

One of the most underrated features of iOS is the dock. It's such a simple thing; a place to keep the apps that you use all the time. While it might be simple, it's such a well-designed little thing that makes using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch so

Sat, 02 Feb 2013 01:30:40 GMT |

10 Efficient And Minimal Android Apps That You May Not Have Heard About

Software bloat in the Android software ecosystem causes more problems than any other issue. Poorly written apps, particularly ad-supported apps, constantly draw on your handset’s wireless components, waking the kernel and overall diminishing performanc

Sat, 02 Feb 2013 02:00:09 GMT |

Forget Reading. Now You Can Listen to Articles From Popular Sites [iOS/Android]

If you've been looking for a new way form of entertainment for your commute, your morning jog, or your time at the gym, iOS and Android users can take advantage of a new free app, Umano. The idea behind Umano couldn't be simpler, and it's surprising

Sat, 02 Feb 2013 03:00:03 GMT |

7 Ways To Keep A Personal Journal

Journaling is an exercise for the mind and it has several proven benefits, but it can also seem difficult to do. This is primarily due to the overwhelming feeling of having to journal – it shouldn’t be like that. Instead, it should be something you loo

Sat, 02 Feb 2013 03:30:56 GMT |

Cool Websites and Tools [February 1st 2013]

Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool websites round-ups delivered to your email daily email subscribe here....


Sat, 02 Feb 2013 04:31:57 GMT |

40 Black and White Cityscapes Photographs for Inspiration

Black and white cityscape photographs have a spark in itself and create a nostalgic impression of the urban landscape. Absence of colors adds depth to these photographs and makes the high rise and other elements present in it distinct and clear. Black and

Mon, 28 Jan 2013 11:39:02 GMT |

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